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Welcome to this site where we discuss social, technical and design issues about Federated Wiki collaborative writing platform.

Mobile Wiki would allow you to record your thoughts, discoveries and investigations, but consciously as a way to Contribute To The Commons.

# Today

First on the agenda is to implement: - Search Podcasts - Keyword extraction - Wiki Reporting

# Features Mobile Wiki would therefore concentrate on recording media, as well as writing. It would offer the following features:

Take High Quality Photographs and geolocate the in wiki using OpenStreetMap.

Take Audio Notes, and time stamp them, illustrating them with a photograph of quick sketch.

Video An Interview or document a topic or subject, and add these to wiki.

Present from Wiki. Create simple but powerful HTML5 Presentations and project them from your mobile phone to an audience that can fork individual pages.

# Not these features it is also useful to note what Mobile Wiki is not:

It would not be designed to Edit And Organise Wiki. Viewing and manipulating large numbers of pages is too fiddly on a small screen - much better to organise material later on a laptop or the web.

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