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Mike Caulfield reflects in a video on whether, and if so, how, to write inline comments here. As always, there are tradeoffs. And they depend on our purposes.

Starting at about 6:12 into the video 09 Wikimainia Growth Limits (but watch the whole thing, please), Ward Cunningham says, "As things get copied around, it means that there is a place in the network where there is a balance of perspectives, and that's the place where I argued that the new framing of understanding needs to be to create the initiative that we need to tackle these large problems."

Human expression finds innumerable means for realization, from sticks, stones, pigments, and pen and ink to satellite streams, personal video, and conceptual art. Every means has an influence on what is expressed, but we assume that the expression itself is always unlimited; that is, its shape or size or intensity might be attenuated, but the kernel of any thought cannot be.

The destruction of the USS Stark in 1987 and, a year later, the shootdown of IranAir 655 by the USS VIncennes led to the elaboration of the current model of expert human decision making, Recognition Primed Decision making (RDP), and a broader view of decision making in the real world, Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM). video

This work by Dorothea Kleine has some useful potential meeting points where "on the ground" initiatives could connect with academia. We might take one or more of the diagrams in this video as starting points for exploring areas of overlap (first one is 7 minutes in). To people outside of academic ICT4D some of the development terminology may sound patronising, but it is challenging some of "Development" mindsets of the time, and and it is pointing to the creativity of people who are limited by their circumstances, but are making the most of what opportun

Video of the Foresight Salon on Blockchain as it pertains to multiple areas of Economy, Government, AI, its power as social force, source for truth, and its ecosystem as role model for security.

Technical Reading

Ward, this is my new top security video from Mark S Miller aka @erights aka Dr. SES.

Eric turned the weekly meeting with Ward toward a rich discussion on software lineage resulting in WASM by sharing this talk on "Isolation without Containers" Wiki Dev/User Video Chat Oct 31

I participated in a one-day workshop on integrating user experience design into the agile development process. This is interesting in this context only in that the participants came with strong opinions and lots at stake professionally. I directed and produced this video summary with my cell phone camera and consumer grade video editing software.


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