Little Green Box

Our little green box is bold for her size. She packs quite a punch. Find anything in the federation fast. Search only for title, for media, or the full-text of any wiki-page with the full power and expressivity of Google Search.

Available together with other Fedwiki Tools, we hope to make this and other powerful features that the community an provide through the microservice (transporter) capability built into wiki, and the simple ability to extend wiki through plugins.

# Modest search

The following is an example of a stored search that is fixed (at least for the reader). It's a nice discreet way of storing a complex search

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# How to use

You can use the __Little Green (Search) Box__ simply by typing in a seach query into the box types `Search` and pressing `return`.

# How to extend

A key aim of this form of search is that each author is able to create their own topical search engine.

To this end we intent (well that is me), to create tools that enable you to make a search engine customised to return results for the topics you are interested in a few minutes.

# How to collaborate

More than simple doing your own thing, the aim is to be able to collaborate with others (perhaps your research group), to create and then maintain your own topical search engine.

You can do this by adding users to your management interface to your Google Custom Search engine. In the future we will be building tools to allow you to author and maintain such collaborative search in wiki.

# Big Green Box


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