Fedwiki Theme Folder

You can set the CSS (or indeed any file such as an image file) that you want to wiki to serve), by adding a Fedwiki Theme Folder to the status folder of the site.

The folder structure for your wiki site looks like this:

example.com/ pages/ ... lots of json files for the sites content status/ favicon.png persona.identity sitemap.json sitempa.xml theme/ style.css

This is a convenient place (for now), to place files that are relevant to the particular domain of the wiki.

Files are then served up by the node server with a url of the form:


# Fedwiki Home

You can customise the Welcome Visitors page by creating a new "home" folder inside of the Fedwiki Assets Folder. We call this custome __Welcome Visitors__ page a Fedwiki Home/

# Serving assets

You can use this theme folder to serve Dreamfactory Wiki Assets:


For instance check this image - david.jpg

# DreamFactory asset redirect At the moment the DreamFactory Nginx Config is not rewriting the url's for assets to be compatible with the reference node server.

It is also not setting the mime-type: - jpeg example

The url for is instead (note the /status/ bit):


when it should be:


Ideally these are both replaced by:

http://david.icotopia.io/assets/image.jpg So we can use standard subfolders: assets/ js/ img/ css/ Or nested subfolders named after page-slugs: So we can use standard subfolders: assets/ page-slug/ js/ img/ css/

# Subfolders don't work

Subfolders don't seem to work with the Node wiki server: - http://david.outlandish.academy/theme/david-bovill/david.jpg

It would be handy to be able to server images or other files from within a folder named the same as a page slug it is associated with.

This would avoid name clashes and help index / organise the files according to the wiki page. Effectively the wiki json becomes metadata for the files in this folder.

# IPFS Filename Hash If we rename each file in the flat theme folder according to it's IPFS hashed name - then we both avoid name clashes (globally) and provide a way for scripts to locate the image from our Fedwiki IPFS Gateway.

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