Federation Palettes

A __federation palette__ is a beautiful thing. Now that we (almost) have programatic control of the federation we can dream in colour.

# What is it?

Let's take a look at an ugly palette. Below is a roster of fedwiki sites:

Fedwiki Sites ROSTER rest.livecode.world/fedwiki

For a while now, I've been crafting page-flags for fedwiki subdomains with a colour somewhere between orange and yellow. Orange is my favourite colour, or was at some time - so I originally chose it for my favourite writing environment.

# Why?

For navigation. A core utility of the page-flags is to create a non-obtrusive indication of the topic that a site covers. you can often remember the colour of the flag of a site you write on, or read, regularly.

As the number fo sites I write on grows, I wanted to cluster hem together in a memorable palette. you may do the same with the way you organise your file system.

# Tools

But as you can see above, I got lazy. As more sites were created I could not be bothered to hand craft each page-flag. This is where tooling and rosters can help. Why not create a tool that takes a roster of sites that you own, and allows you to choose a palette for the entire roster?

Indeed why not take this step one further and take a leaf out of secure scuttlebutt? Each author could define their own flags, and names - not just for the sites they own but for any they read. They can curate their own translation service (their won ontology), as they organise their collections of research material in rosters.

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