Authoring Plugin

What I suggest to achieve these things - and more general flexibility for plugin authors moving forwards - is to start a convention where we can add a "plugin" element to an wiki-item in the page-json. So if we have a text-item which in json looks like:

{"type": "markdown", "id": "5c7c396d49540d9c", "text": "Some basic text." },

We can also have:

{"type": "markdown", "id": "5c7c396d49540d9c", "text": "Some basic text", "plugin": { "type": "my-flash-authoring-plugin" },

This item would be edited and displayed by the default "markdown plugin". However if an author has the "my-flash-authoring-plugin" installed it will be edited and optionally displayed by that "authoring" plugin.

# Graphviz Plugin

In the case of the graphviz plugin - it would make sense for it to be an authoring plugin for and "svg" plugin where the text-item is raw svg.

Now depending on the preference of the author / site-origin owner - she could have installed a plugin that provides dynamic views of the graph - another author could use a different plugin that provides snapshot views with a button for update.

if I fork this page and have no plugings then my default wiki-site displays the interactive svg as it was last saved.

If I install the right plugin I can author the DSL and have dynamic capabilities.

But most importantly we don't get into a situation with thousands of dynamic graphs scattered around the federation being forked with all the dependencies that entails. My proposal would allow robustness for the federation perspective, and equal flexibility from the site owners perspective to have the full range of dynamic capabilities they wish.