Architecture of Public Space

This is a good place to start. We can see everything we do in wiki as architecture, and more specifically as working on the architecture of public space. Let's examine this in practice.

If we consider the public space in the federation, we can notice that some things are missing. There are individual writing spaces, and the ability for these individuals to become away of other authors. We have rosters and other techniques, but when we talk about writing with strangers we recognise that federated wiki is not an intensely social act like collaborating with wikipedians on an article.

I believe this year should be about adding social architecture to wiki. We have good foundations to build upon, but we have some things to build. What could they be? What could this public space look like?

# Neighborhood

What is a neighborhood without a public square or park? Very little. Is there more to this than a metaphor? What would a park, or public square be in wiki?

Let's start with the server, not the physical nature of a particular type f software or hardware but the social function. A server is something that a system administrator tends, what if we think of this as a park keeper? How do we tend our parks?

# Commons server

Our server should be a public place where we can play and experiment, it should be well looked after, and it should be a place where we meet and interact with friends and strangers from many cultures and backgrounds.

If we preserver these social aspects in our tech-stack, then we could do worse than build a polyglot we server, which is run and managed by the community. We would need to pay for this public space through our taxes, and we should organise certain activities that celebrate this public space - festivals and competitions.

# Let's build

Let's build a polygllot federation server based on the GraalVM. We can build on top of the existing ruby and javascript code, but also leverage the FastR and java codebases to do things like graph the federation.

A minimal fedwiki server in GraalVM is something that we could tend together. it could be our park.

# Github

If we integrate federated wiki more closely with Github or GitLab then we can see ways in which we close the circle to create sustainable public space. We can see the following workflow: 1. Fork a wikipedia page into federated wiki 1. Author, fork and rewrite in wiki 1. Transport to Github Wiki 1. Pull in multiple forked pages into a Github project? 1. Use pull requests and publish to Wikipedia

This workflow is not clear. We need to practice. Of particular use would be to use git and web hooks to publish to wiki or another web site from the desktop wiki. Could we have a forked page transporter which acts as a Github pull requester?

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